What is Lifestyle Economy?

Lifestyle Economy® is a mindfulness approach to lifestyle. It’s about utilizing the intangible resources in your way of life to manifest the most satisfying tangible ones. It’s about creating sustainable balance within your own lifestyle, in order to weather the inevitable ebbs and flows of external conditions. It’s about integrating your lifestyle and livelihood so that you have a sense of spiritual fulfillment across the board at work, home, and beyond.

Lifestyle Economy involves:

  • Listening for resonance and pursuing what harmonizes with your essence
  • Flowing with the multi-channel rhythm of existence in family, community, and cultural dynamics
  • Using rhetoric for self-talk and interpersonal communication that builds up instead of breaks down
  • Cultivating responsibility for what you can control and letting go of what you can’t
  • Realizing that all of the above balance on relationship with self and others

Who am I?

I’m Eleanor Fye, a writer, singer, metadata maven, explorer. Yes, I worked for a Fortune 50 company. Yes, I have a master’s degree from a top university. Yes, I am a certified hypnotherapist and a Reiki Master. But most importantly, I have had the courage to pursue fulfillment in life beyond the conventional scripting.

Over the last few years, I have made changes to my life/style — by choice, not necessity — that have resulted in a deeper sense of fulfillment, greater soul-satisfaction, and better alignment with my authentic voice. This includes leaving a well-paying corporate job in order to do more creative work; balancing multiple streams of income from corporate, consulting and creative work; adjusting my position in relationships and community to get out of toxic environments and create more win-win fulfillment in healthy ones; and making daily choices to follow what holds meaning for me and puts a smile on my face.

I believe that awakening to higher levels of consciousness is grounded in daily life and everyday decisions. With every step, every conversation, every comment, every word, on top of the layer cake of our thoughts and beliefs, we create our life.

Why not create the best life possible now?

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