“I had never thought of putting those things together like that.” Many clients, Everywhere


“That’s the best advice I’ve ever heard. Thank you!” 26 years old, Berkeley, CA


“I thoroughly enjoyed my time working with Eleanor. Her fresh and intuitive take on life coaching gave me an exhilarating and inspiring new look on life. The progressive format, regarding one’s natural and acquired rhythms as well as an introspective look at one’s own rhetoric posed a number of questions that I had not considered before. I have found myself newly conscious of how I interact with my inner self in my day-to-day routine and suddenly ready to attack my life’s path with confidence as I see it laying itself before me.

Eleanor has a deep sense of knowing and seemingly bottomless well of information that allows her to see life through my eyes and at the same time see it from a higher perspective. I was constantly amazed at how plainly she could pull apart my own words to find the meaning hidden inside. The meaning and underlying stories I had not realized I was secretly voicing were plainly decoded by her.  She seems to be coming from a very grounded and wise place, a place centered in the heart and ready to guide others into their highest sense of being.

I am eternally grateful for the time that I have shared with her and the information and direction she has given me. I recommend this work to anyone in any kind of transition right now, anyone ready to embrace their lives and move forward with better clarity and connectedness to their greater soul purpose. Thank you so much, Eleanor!”

Molly Mandelberg, Half Moon Bay, CA

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